Why is the audio out of sync on xbox 360



I have been using this Plex server for a little while now and it works on every device except my xbox 360. The audio has a delay like it starts a few seconds before the video.

Does anyone have a fix for this or is Plex going to update their xbox app??

So far it seems like Plex is a rip off. I pay monthly and there is no customer support..?


same problem here


Yup, they don't seem interested in this problem


same issue, is there any workaround or fix for this yet?


Yep, same issue here. Plays fine on all other platofrms I have, but on 360 some videos are almost 4 seconds out of sync.

Tried multiple settings for encoding/transcoding but with no joy.


Yeah same issue after the new plex update, before everything was working fine,

Now, MP4's work fine, AVI's are all out of sync (which is alot of older files) Most newer stuff is all MP4 now. But now like half my library is unwatchable on 360. Stupid plex "Update" i didnt even need to update it was working FINE.


FIX for this issue: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/266998/fix-fix-for-mp3-audio-out-of-sync-on-xbox-360#latest