[WIP] Auto Media Encoder



I've been working on my own auto encoding solution (handbrake or ffmpeg - handbrake preferred) where you drop the executable anywhere you want, run it and have it do the rest for you.

Currently the only requirements of using it would be

  • Preinstalled handbrake (or ffmpeg)
  • Basic knowledge of Linux (does work on windows however Linux is preferred)

What it does:

  • Auto encodes all media in provided (or default) path to h264 in an MP4 container with AC audio
  • Watches for file changes to manage re-encoding
  • Queues based on category priority (e.g shows maybe higher priority)
  • Keeps statistics such as encoding time/space saved/etc

What I'd like to do is gauge interest in me sharing this (or having a few other people test/use it). I've been running it on my own server for many months without it having to stop so I know that it works for me!

Please pm me and I can send it to you or reply if you're simply interested!

Note: this was posted from my phone so some things are probably left out.