- Still Unstable



Thank you very much for the addition of live TV and managing recording schedule.

However, the same issues still persist with playback of Plex DVR content:

  • If Direct Play is enabled, playback starts fine but then eventually the video stream hangs while the audio stream continues normally. The video stream will then continue and appear to fast-forward, eventually surpassing the audio stream placement, and then the video stream will hang again. This occurs continuously.

  • If Direct Play is disabled and Direct Stream is enabled, video playback is out-of-sync with the audio stream.

  • If both Direct Play and Direct Stream are disabled, the Plex DVR content appears to play correctly.

For reference, my Plex DVR content is transcoded as it is recorded (yes, I have a powerful system), so it is already in the optimized format. I also have commercial removal enabled on my Plex DVR; which appears to work pretty well.