4K HDR transcoding?


I would like to know if Plex is working on transcoding 4K HDR files to lower qualities with EITHER tonemapping to SDR OR without losing HDR? (it would be sick if both things where to happen)

I really like Plex and it would be a shame if I had to go with another program just because Plex doesnt keep up with the current technology.


I also have this question


This would also interest me since my HDR TV broke and I currently can not get a new one.
My HDR content does not look right when watching on nvidia shield on a 1080p screen and on my 1080p projector


Can someone please answer this or point me in the direction of the answer?


Plex yet haven’t fix this issue and don’t think they will. Only way to watch 4K HDR content is either if your streaming device supports HDR Along with your TV, if not ? Then your HDR content will look washed out. This been going on for a long time. I own a few 4K HDR movies and when I stream to non HDR tv and device movies look washed out when I stream to my 4K with hdr supported, movies look fine. Only thing to solve this is get one of the latest 4K hdr tv and a streaming device that supports HDR. I’m planning to get a second 4k tv later on. I’m very disappointed at Plex.


loose809 I feel you!
I live in a college dorm 5 days of the week and my sever is at home so I specifically built the server strong enough so that it can handle 4K transcoding and now I can only watch my movies if I have a 1080p version of every single one! I have no problem if plex says that one loses the HDR when transcoding (and implements that later) but at least do tonemapping so that the colors are not washed out and I can actually watch my movies!
(FYI: I do have a 4K TV at home and thats why I have 4K movies)


This is definately a thing we need. Don’t see why Plex can’t or wouldn’t implement it though?