Any chance of an agent?



My music library is huge (4tb) and a lot of what I have isn't on Any chance of an agent to help out?


The system keeps telling me that I have answers to this question that I need to accept or not but I don't see anything. I decided to post something myself just so it wouldn't be wrong. Still don't have a real answer but I wasn't really expecting one, just making a request.


Bump for this request. AllMusic has superior metadata. Than you!

I saw a similar thread in 2012 and the answer was no at that time. Five years later, possibly as a Plex Pass subscriber? Appreciate the consideration.


Thanks, we can use all the help we can get.


+1 here for a better music scanner.

Never had the need to use Plex for music streaming, but now that I want to play around with it, Lastfm sucks so much, it's unbearable.

A completely different agent would help.


Metadata sources need an api the agent calls to...

Plex Source Code for music agents:
- LastFM agent:
- PlexMusic agent:
There seem to be an api for [] so a good soul could implement a plex agent.

None of you lists examples of songs/albums/artists not in default agent...
- SoundCloud
- Spotify
- GrooveShark
- Beats Music
- Rdio
- SHOUTcast radio

How does these other metadata sources fare against
Is really the best out there ?

What exactly happens when LastFM doesn't pull meta?
Isn't the mp3 tag accessed by Plex?


@ZeroQI said:
Isn't the mp3 tag accessed by Plex?

You would think good ID3v2 tags would be sufficient. I usually use the id3v2 command or the EasyTag app when I want to do batch edits. Also, Picard is another good linux GUI that pulls all the metadata and cover art for the album based on samples of the audio and matches it with known databases. What more is there?