Character Set UTF-8 Support



Is it possible to get UTF-8 to work as the character set. I have a bunch of foreign language movies/music with UTF-8 in the file name and also subtitles. so i can't use any single charset. only UTF-8 fits my needs. I have no problem to display the names on my PS3 and DreamPlex. So it is Plex Home Theater specific issue. 


Just updated to v1.0 and the music and movie directories still do not show UTF-8 titles of items in Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc.

I don't have this problem with the PS3 DLNA or DreamFlex which both show the titles in their original language


upgraded to 1.0.2 and it still does not show UTF-8 titles or information. Evidently, i must be the only person who has media with non-english characters.


Try to see if Beyoncé displays well. If it doesn't, then you are the only person in the Plex universe that have ever heard of Beyoncé. Of course, respecting the way an artist write his/her name is not in the interest of Plex developers. To make things work, we have to do things the Plex way!