Client for Openpht- Embedded and 4k/HDR compatibility



Hi all,

I have just installed Openpht on my Mac for testing and I love the interface. However, I am currently using an Nvidia Shield with Plex to browse my 4500-title collection and the fact that I can only clearly see the middle 6 titles on the big screen drives me crazy. I love the fact that Openpht can display them as a media wall. Makes browsing a lot easier through such a large collection.

I would need some help deciding on which client could run Openpht-embedded and provide 4K/HDR playback too. I would like a gigabit port of course, and I am not interested in wifi/Netflix, etc capabilities because all media is stored in a NAS.

Thanks in advance...


I'd love this too. The Minix Neo U9-H has (in theory) the ability to handle 4K/HDR playback, with Gigabit to boot. I've played around with the custom Libreelec + Plex for Kodi stuff that's out there, but it's definitely not perfect, and isn't OpenPHT.


So basically at the moment we are limited to devices that can only do up to 1080p, if we want to run the embedded version?


I can see on the GitHub that there is an embedded version (1.8.0) for Wetek Play 2, and it can do 4K video @60Hz. Would that work or the HDR mapping is not actually working?


I use the odroid-c2 and that does support 4K, I can play it back just fine but it does not support HDR, which is unfortunate because very little content is 4K and not HDR.

Thus far, the only client that I've come across that you could install openpht on that supports HDR natively is the Rock64 ( but I've never tried it to see if openpht would direct play HDR content when the hardware supports it.