Current Setup or WD PR4100



I'm currently PLEX on my 2009 iMac with a 3.06 Core 2 Duo. Most of my files are 1080p 264 mkv movies and transcoding is usually limited to audio. Everything is stored in a 8TB external hard drive which is almost full and I'm considering moving to a NAS. The PR4100 caught my eye and I'm wondering if I'd expect to see better or the same performance that I'm getting using my iMac. I'd like to start streaming 4k which seems to be hit or miss with my iMac now and I've seen others have better success with the PR4100 handling 4k files.


I’m not sure about the 4k files but been able to stream 6 - 1080 on the same time on the PR4100 without having any issues.


@jeanloupdr said:
I’m not sure about the 4k files …

No issue here with my PR4100, I can stream H.264 4K without problems.
Some HEVC with 10-Bit and HDR causes problems but this may be related to my TV.

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Hi Jörg, would you please let me know hot to set the Flex app to auto transcode my 4k movies (HERO 6; I PhoneX ) to HD resolution to let me see it on a HD tv. I mean an on line transcode using my PR4100. BR


So I made the leap and I picked up a diskless 4100 and loaded it with 2 8TB Red drives for now. Things seem to be working pretty good. I’ve messed around to see how it would handle transcoding and I was pretty impressed.

Since the Apple TV doesn’t like H265 mkv files my iMac would struggle with converting to a H264 file. Now with my new Plex box the CPU usage is reasonable and I’m able to play the file with no buffering.