Dividing concert videos into separate videos for each track


If have a concert DVD that has been ripped onto PLEX as one file, is there a way to divide each track into a separate video?


Not really, the easiest way is to cut the video into segments with any other program even like VLC or Handbrake.

Plex does not provide any video editing capabilities.

Edit - Yeah what WalkerNAS suggested is probably best I forgot about chapters...


What I do is add chapters for each track ( it's a simple text file , I downloaded an example for a film and modified that, just to get the formatting right.You can remux this chapter file into the original file (I'm assuming it's a mp4???) .


I can't recommend you to do that.
Why not setting chapter marks? Maybe your DVD already has them and you only need to find the chapter skip command on your remote?
Many Plex clients do support jumping to chapter marks.

If you really want to split your file, here is a way:


Otto has put it more eloquently than me but it's what I meant


Thanks all. Totally worked. BTW, the reason I want to divide my concert DVDs/Blu rays is so that I can put it on shuffle and have it shuffle between various tracks from various live performances. Thanks for your help!


One more question. MKVtoolNix doesn't seem to divide MKV files from a blu ray. I have tried it twice now and it doesn't seem to divide at all. Any thoughts?


It does it perfectly for me.


Hmmm. I wonder why it isn't working for me. I'll try a different Blu ray.


You might want to try this:
- take the MKV from makemkv and thow it into mkvtoolnix
- simply press Start Muxing, without changing anything
- then try the splitting operation on the resulting mkv file