DLNA Profile on LG TV



Hi there,

I have got a Plex Server running on my RPi, DLNA is activated and I also set up a DLNA profile for my LG-TV (37LV5590).
From the log files I can tell that the LG-TV seems to be using the DLNA profile.
So the thing is that if I play media on the LG TV via DLNA-Source it does use the profile, because I configured the profile to transcode ALAC audio to mp3 and it does that when I use the Standard DLNA as Source Signal for the TV, but neither the Medialink-App nor an older Plex App for the LG TV wants to do any transcoding and just tells me the media is not supported.
Do the plex App and the Medialink App even use DLNA ?
The Medialink just tells me straight up that the media is not supported, the Plex App tries to play the media without an error but simply doesn't play it. Only when I choose DLNA as Source in the standard folder browser thing seems to recognize the transcoding from the profile

I mean is any of these the right way to play media from the plex server? Its an old TV so I guess there aren't many options