Feature Request - traditional, grid style Program Guide, WITHOUT pictures!


Feature Request - traditional, grid style Program Guide, WITHOUT pictures!
Make it an optional Program Guide. A replacement for the current one that does not work well.
For all program guides. Live TV, DVR, HDHOMERUN, etc.
Current Program Guide is too slow because it is full of pictures.
Current Program Guide - I can not view several channels of program guide for several hours at one time.
Current Program Guide - I cannot view several hours (one day) of scheduled programs for one channel on one screen at one time.
Pictures tell me nothing, waste space and time in processing them for display.


They are supposed to be working on this already.

See this thread for more info


Agreed, a normal TV guide can come soon enough!


I am moments away from going Emby. I am giving Plex another few days, and I'm done.


I may have good news if you believe me! Hope its not old news.

I updated my Plex synology server yesterday after an email about new version. The server had lost my HomeRun DVR and had to reinstall it. It asked me to select my tuner from a list rather than find it on network and on completion I opened the TV guide.

At this point I was delighted to see that the major update had now got a grid program guide. Great news. My Synology had a number of other updates so I updated these before i started looking at the new features. No joke, when I restarted Plex and went to look for the guide it was back to "Discover" guide.

I have 3 servers and run Plex server and plex player on pc, mac, tablet, even kodi so i thought it may be a particular combination. Actually I am pretty sure I was accessing grid guide from my htpc on the synology server but have started doubting myself after spending hours to get Grid back. I did show my son so I am not going mad.

Probably this is old news but I have googled. I can only assume there will be a "grid" release very very soon or maybe it was a beta or something. Don't think so.


If they never come up with the grid guide there is always Nextpvr and schedules direct. Been using them for two years and work very well. I checked out plex last month and discovered that bad guide. Not sure if I will install on my server or not. Guide will make the difference.


To add to this, I would love to be able to have different views depending on the library. One may want a list, another by folder, another by grid.


A traditional, grid style Program Guide for OTA! This is the ONE reason that I DO NOT go premium.
Not to mention the lack of DRM support. That is why I still run two windows 7 machines with WMC for my cable dvr's. Saying they can use cable card tuners is a wast for me, as 99% of my cable content is DRM.


Having a traditional TV guide that allows you to view by channel would be amazing. I really want to "cut the cord" and get rid of Virgin Media in favour of Plex Live TV but I know my wife will not be happy if she cannot browse Live TV in a way she'd be used to - and I totally agree. The current Live TV guide is just not as user-friendly as the typical TV guide you'd find with Sky, Virgin, Freeview, etc.

Would love to see this change :smile:


Yep - I agree. Sure Plex be innovative and adopt new ways of looking at things, but there's a reason the old ways are so popular. They are tried and tested and they work. What about a few options on how the EPG is displayed as well, eg grid style, lines per page etc. WMC had this 16 years ago. So give us the option!!!


Won't matter to me since the guide is off. Clean reinstallation did nothing (server on up). The guide's shifted, yes I used the right zip code. Regretting paying for the lifetime pass.


Looks like they just added it! https://www.plex.tv/blog/grid-who/


Is it taking awhile to roll out? Or will it require a server update? This is a game changer.


I just got the email about the update. I checked the Web client and it is now a wonderful grid style EPG. Thanks very much for listening Plex!


I guess it takes awhile to roll out. I am not seeing it yet.


This is good progress, but wait, it only is available on the web UI for Plex access, and not in the Android TV or iOS or other apps? Am I missing something? I want the Grid EPG on the UI that's running on the TV, not on the Web UI!

What is the problem here? This is more important that podcasts, news, etc... It should be core Plex functionality.

Do we have any idea as to how long it will be before it shows up in apps that run on things plugged into a TV?



Thanks folks. The WebUI is a great start and I think exactly what most are looking for. Please continue to roll this out across the client platforms (Win, Android, Roku/apps, etc). I kept scratching my head wondering why I didn't see it until I came here. I'm using the Windows client.



Until it hits the clients we actually use it really doesn't exist ;) I use ROKU's and Apple TV, not a web browser.


I’m liking the new grid view… however, here in the UK the filtering HD channels doesn’t work properly. It displays both the SD channel and the HD versions.


Hopefully iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire are not far behind as I have no need for the Web version. The new guide is certainly nice to see but never use Plex when sitting at my computer only on the mobile devices.