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Not sure if this is the right channel but...
I like to keep my library very efficient and well organized. Currently, there is the dashboard... and well that's basically it unless you go into the individual libraries. There really isn't a way to find movies by entry date, movies by release date, shows by air date... movies by genre... movies by rating... etc...
There is a whole side of Plex that is under-developed. As a software developer, I know making the suggestion is the easy part...


I might be misunderstanding, but can’t you find a lot of those things via filtering/sorting in a library?


Let me explain further please… I share the server and have other people share their instances with me. Quite frankly, it has caused me to be OCD in the organization of my media. I have a Library structure (in Plex - not the file system) like so -
-Movies 123
-Movies A

-Movies Star wars
-Music A
-Music B
-Music Christmas

-Karaoke A
… etc

I have around 6T of media in my library so when I’m on a mobile device I am scrolling for days to get to something like my TV Series at the bottom of the list. Is there a way to put in a TreeView or Categorize or put in some kind of Hierarchy or level to group like things in the Library.

I also admit this might already be possible and I am just ignorant in how to do it.


LOL I was showing off how I did this in some other thread… but yeah I have 42+ libraries. Your post should be added to this thread here


This is what I wrote up in that thread regarding sorting out large libraries:

"I have more than 40+ libraries alone on my mom’s server primarily because Plex isn’t robust in what she needs it to do for her. I have had to break down the movie, tv, and other stuff into separate libraries due to the lack of Collections at the time. Now that Collections have been introduce I will take a look at how I can consolidate the libraries again. My method that I chose was to break down things into group based numbers, similar to having cable packages with Sports channels being in the 500’s, Movie Channels in the 300’s and Music channels being 700’s and local tv being from Channel 2 through 100. I broke it down for her so all she had to do was scroll, select the library, press play. And after experimenting with her server I did the same to mine and I think it works best for us this way. Any thoughts?

What I did notice is when editing a Plex Library I was able to add emoticons to the name section but whatever emoticon was used, say a TV emoji or music note, it would show up a different way on different OS systems like on Android vs. iOS. I wish we could hide unused or less used libraries though."


Thank you. I don’t think I knew how to say exactly what you said. Although you went far and beyond me in planning out your libraries. I just did Movies, Children, Cartoons, MiniSeries, Series, Music & Karoake. And then the alphabet… Like Movies A. Then if a movie was a trilogy or greater it got it’s own library. I’m thinking your way is more efficient with less libraries.
I’m not a Plex programmer but I can’t imagine it would be too intensive to put in a treeview but then again, it isn’t a selling feature so even if it makes the list, probably at the bottom. Plus its a feature add and not a bug. Eh, there’s still hope!


We generally advocate using less libraries, and using the in-built filters for things like filtering by decade, or genres.


Translated… Not a revenue generating venture…

The issue is how I use your product. For instance while travelling, my son will watch his cartoons on road trips over an hour. I can teach my son to go down to the third item and that is where his cartoons are. I can’t teach him (a 4 year old) to spell BUGS BUNNY and it is hardly advisable to type while driving…


@cgcarter1 said:
Translated… Not a revenue generating venture…

It has nothing to do with revenue :sweat_smile: As someone who worked on the design of the original library system eight years ago, it was designed to allow rich slicing and dicing of content in a single library. I do understand that in certain situations it makes sense to split up certain things (e.g. kid’s stuff, documentaries, …) into separate library.


@cgcarter1 said: […] The issue is how I use your product. […]
That says it all.

Ok sorry, more serious:
Since you have a Plex Pass why not set up a profile for your kid and only allow G/PG rated movies and make smart playlist for “Animation”. Otherwise a filter by label might be appropriate.

See here: https://support.plex.tv/articles/204232573-restricting-the-shares/


SolitaryReign - No way. Dude, I knew there was a way to get it done. I got stuck trying to find the answer in the Library… I’m just a dirty little .Net programmer but Plex is pretty impressive in functionality. Plus, the damn CEO answers forum questions - that just doesn’t happen anymore!


I’d like to see the song info / album cover change when the new song starts, rather than when the old song finishes…


@mcpaton said:
I’d like to see the song info / album cover change when the new song starts, rather than when the old song finishes…

Funny you should mention that, something we’re working on.