Fetch TV



Fetch TV
Is there any chance that there, is or will be a plex addon for Fetch TV? Someone put me out of my misery please. Thanks


Please can somebody make it happen. It is a gaping hole in the line-up for those of us with Fetch TV boxes.


With Fetch Mighty TV effectively replacing the TiVo box, can we expect a server app for this product?


I would really love this too, using DLNA at the moment but file names are not getting parsed correctly for some files.


Looking at a Fetch Mighty TV, but no Plex will be a deal breaker. Plex app please.


Agreed, get this show on the road


Yes please. I could retire my media centre PC.


Buy a hdhomerun quatro instead.

I’ve retired my fetch TV unit thanks to the unit.

Now plex and TV are in one ecosystem.