FetchTV Client?



Hi Everyone,

I was just interested in how many people would like this to happen? I've seen a few posts around the interwebs about this since FetchTV went open source.

Is anyone working on a client for FetchTV? Are there any discussions taking place?

Thanks! :)

PS. for anyone that doesnt know what fetchtv is, see here: www.fetchtv.com.au/


Shameless bump :(


Hell yes...

Just got Fetch hooked up. It works really well.

It does support DLNA, and thus, can stream media from PMS, but the interface is kinda boring. I'd love a native Plex app.


Hell yes I'd definitely be interested!

I didn't realise fetch had been resurrected from the dead - I've got 2 of these amazing boxes and they still work great - I mainly only use them for recording tv and moving the files to my plex library are there any other apps being developed people know of? Count me in!


oops....didn't notice original post was nearly 2 years old oh well I can but dream......


Keeping the dream alive here :)  Fetch is now pretty popular in Australia. I think it NEEDS a Plex app.....


Giving this old thread a bump as I would be very interested in a native app


I'm thinking of ditching my TiVo's and Roku 3's for a pair of Fetch TV boxes, a Plex client would make that a no brainer!


Bump! - I would love this!


Bump!!! Love Plex but really want to use it on my new Fetch TV Box...


I'll third that bump. I love my two fetchtv's and the addition of a native plea client would make my life. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get the dlna client in the fetch to recognise that there is any data in on the plex server. Every other client recognises it fine!


This is news that it's possible... A PLEX app would be awesome!!



Tens of thousands of Aussies who already own a Fetch TV box will be very keen on a native PLEX app. And given that the new gen3 Fetch TV boxes (Mighty and Mini) launched this week there will be plenty more customers on the way. Please for the sake of antipodeans everywhere, somebody write a PLEX app for the Fetch TV!!


Definetly agree 100%. Right now to use the plex inteface, I have to go through my ChromeCast, and cast from my mobile phone. Very inconvienient, and the HDMI on my TV doesn't pass through 5.1 or 7.1 formats.


I think that the biggest reason for a plex client would be to allow plex with the new DVR functionality to interface and therefore record cable channels. However given that Optus has disabled DNLA for no reason on their versions of the Fetch TV I can't see this ever happening......


and now that Plex has it's own DVR functionality I no longer have a reason to buy a fetch box - my TiVo's will be replaced* by Plex DVR. :)

*once Live TV and TimeShifting are added


Given the now confirmed end of TiVo support in Australia as Oct 31 2017, and their $100 discount for TiVo users to upgrade (?) to a FetchTV Mighty, there will be a lot of people moving to this platform. I have switched over already, - after researching the alternatives - and given that the Fetch Mighty does DNLA out of the box, it serves me pretty well, but it is UGLY (to say the least). I have been using Plex as well now for years with PC, tablet and Roku devices, but adding this to the Mighty would substantially improve it as a product, and entrench Plex in our home for the foreseeable future.


i would also love this as my parents are in the same boat moving from Tivo to Fetch TV. they use chromecast at the moment with there ipad but they always struggle.


This would be a good earner for both parties. I imagine A LOT of current Plex users would get Fetch Mighty if it had a native app & A LOT of Fetch users would start using Plex too if the app existed.


Has anybody seen/heard/tinkered/had any experience at all with any DLNA profiles that could potentially be used in PMS to create a DLNA profile that could serve even some basic visual metadata in Fetch's Media Hub? Please correct me if you believe I'm wrong but I don't think that would be illegal, as what is being done is creating a personal settings XML file within PMS, which then adjusts how PMS serves up the DLNA content to the Fetch box.
I am going to have a crack at it using info from this post but I've never had any experience with this and it'll be very much trial & (probably lots of) error. Cheers all