Game of Thrones [spoilers]



I really like Jon Snow - they'll probably kill him off. :(


heh probably

my fav characters are Tyrion and Arya right now.  I do want to see what happens with Brien and Podrick.

my hope for the series ending is that Daenerys, Tyrion and Arya come flying into the north riding dragons and torch all the white walkers saving Westeros from the long winter to come


Huh... I never ever got the fascination with Game of Thrones, even though I know it's super-popular. Can someone tell me what the fascination with it is?


It's got a lot of everything in it.   I like that it's a fantasy story which did not, in the beginning anyway, throw a bunch of nonsense about magic and so forth straight away, it is building up, many of the characters don't even believe in magic at the start.  there are so many characters/locations i don't get tired of one characters story. the "global" nature of it with all the the different cultures is more more relatable than LOTR or the Hobbit books IMHO. ( if there were elves in GoT i would probably stop watching )

mostly there is no obvious thing going to happen where the "good guy" wins/lives etc so it is somewhat hard to predict. 


Different plot lines with heroic and villainous characters, although some exhibit both traits. Humans being human in a different time and place.


The Dance of Dragons

Goodbye Shireen - that was unpleasant.


i added spoilers to the title. not that i am going to say any on purpose, but noones perfect

thought it was a good end to S5


Thanks for adding 'spoilers' to the title.

Not particularly thrilled with a certain part, but then again,..


HBO confirms Jon Snow is alive and returning next April


Not terribly surprising, it's been expected from the books that Jon is a character that is quite related to the end game of the series (especially given his expected true parentage).

I'm just hoping the book is out so I can read it before the series starts. :(


And I still haven't been bitten by the Game of Thrones bug... too much nudity as well.


Too much nudity? hahah to each their own. Nudity aside I for one can't get enough GOT. For me it's the best series on and has pretty much ruined network TV for me. I haven't been able to get into much lately since the good old days of 24! I will be sad when Game of Thrones is over with!

That aside I'm liking season 6 quite a lot. I'm hoping the last 3 episodes have some good action in them!


Well at the end of this season, Jon Snow's future looks a bit brighter. It is relative I guess - last year at this time, he was dead. :))


I've heard the word spoiler so much by now... could it be possible that it originated and was made popular by this tv show?