Having a problem with not being able to change my email. Details inside.


I was really hoping I could contact Plex regarding this because I'm not sure if a user can assist with this, but who knows.. would very much appreciate it if you all have any ideas as I seem to have gotten myself into a scenario where I cannot change the email of my Plex account to my standard gmail account.

So I switched Internet browsers, and had to resign into Plex. I saw they now have an option to sign in with Google (couldn't recall if that was the email of my account.. it wasn't) so it automatically created a new Plex account for me.

I signed out, and then used just my username and pass to sign into my actual account. I found that it is using my old yahoo email which I do not want. I cannot change the email because my gmail is now in use with the other account. So I signed back into that one, went to Account, and clicked Delete user on the bottom. Well, it still says it's in use on my actual account. So I think to myself, "since it still apparently exists, I'll log into the gmail one, change the email to some new email and save, and then go back to my real account and THEN switch my email to my gmail"...

Well, when I go to Continue logging in with Google, it says the name is already in use.. so I go to reset the password of the gmail account, and now it doesn't send anything to the email. It's like it's just caught in limbo. I tried linking my yahoo Plex account with Google,, which it did.. and when I go to sign in to Google, it signs into my actual account except that the email in settings is still set as the yahoo one, and I of course still cannot change it :(
Ahhhh! What have I done?! haha!

Sorry for the lengthy post, but as you see I seem to have gotten myself into a conundrum. Would appreciate any assistance or ideas. I was hoping to see if I can have an admin from Plex assist me with sending Instructions to reset password of the gmail login to that email address, but alas.

  • Jeff


Contact the Plex Pass account support