Help with making Local Media Assets Scanner for photos



I’m very interested in creating an Extended Photo Scanner Plug-in/Local Media Assets Scanner for the Photo section of Plex. I’m a PHP programmer but would not mind giving it a go with a bit of help and guidance; alternatively if you’re in the know and wouldn’t mind rustling up something it would be most appreciated.

Its a bit annoying that Plex randomly chooses the folder poster image and background image for each photo album, and although the user can upload and set their own, I’ve found there’s some cache issues which means after a month the set-up looses all the information and hard work -just blank gaps are shown on Plex where user set images have been.

The scanner would not gain any additional data from photographs but would set the folder poster image and background image similar to how it does when using the local media assets scanner for music and videos as well as set the album summary from a text file. It would be great if it could then ignore/hide these image files from the overall album so they’re not shown whilst viewing the pictures.

Since organising my photo’s all my folders follow the same structure with a background image, folder image and text file containing a summary:
- background.jpg
- folder.jpg
- summary.txt
- photo1.jpg
- photo2.jpg

I have successfully mashed up Brandon Kidd’s ‘JSON Metadata Agent for Plex’, bundled it and got it to load on my server as a photo scanning agent but haven’t got much further. I am struggling with accessing Plex’s variables. I was wondering if what I’m talking about is possible and where do I find out more information about the way Plex handles photos?


@BMSadler Your best bet would be to have a look at the official plugin as that is the best documentation you are going to get in my experience.