How do updates work for PS4 (or PS3)



First, I apologize if this has been asked/answered ad nauseam, however I am unable to find out or understand how updates to the Plex client work on the Playstation. If someone has a "how to Google it" link for me I'll humbly take that as my efforts so far have not been able to answer my question.

My question is, how does the Playstation 4 get the updated versions of Plex? From the PlaystationNetwork I'll download the Plex application, currently it shows as 180.6MB in size and version v1.01 from June 6, 2016. I then open the application and check the version information and it shows as Plex v2.10.4 and PS4 v01.40.

Every so often Plex dev's update the PS application and my version info changes when I open the application, however downloading the Plex app from the PSNetwork doesn't change the version information.

Does the client update automatically?


Great question,
I don’t think it has ever been answered directly. I’ll try to explain it as well as I can.

There are two parts to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 apps:

“Platform” or “Platform Update”.

This is what Sony gives us, and we build our app on top of it, This is the update you get from the PSN Store, and has version numbers like 1.01 or 1.02.
These updates are what give us new access to PS3/PS4 hardware, sometimes it’s better video playback, USB keyboard, harmony remote or fix underlying platform bugs (e.g., network dies under certain conditions) essentially things that are out of our hands (we don’t have much control in PS land)

We don’t do platform updates that frequently because of few reasons,

  1. Sony doesn’t give us many updates (usually one every few months), and unless we get an updated platform, there is no point in doing another release based on the old platform.
  2. Sometimes platform updates we get from Sony break things. That makes some platform versions unusable for us, so we have to wait for the nex one hoping they fix the issues we reported.
  3. Some releases just don’t have any changes that would effect Plex.
  4. Platform updates are HARD! We have to do a lot of testing to make sure everything still works (as I mentioned before, sometimes they don’t)
  5. Sony’s submission process is COMPLICATED, when I say complicated, I mean 10s to 100s of emails and weeks/months of application forms and back and forth between Sony and us.

Application Update

These are the updates you get automagically anytime you load the app. This updates pretty much what you see, all the Plex UI, all the logic and features related to Plex itself is updated every time you restart the app. That’s the version number that looks like 2.xx.xx, e.g., 2.10.8.
We do updates like these every few weeks, and they fix bugs and add features all over the place. Sometimes we even do workarounds for platform bugs that we didn’t catch originally and are affecting users.

I hope this answers your question.


You answered my question exactly! Thank you for taking the time to outline the processes involved in updating the Playstation, sincerely.

I’ve followed the new releases thread and wasn’t sure how it was that my PS4 and PS3 reported the updated UI yet my Plex application rarely ever updated. Your post explained this perfectly.

Thanks again!