The State of Plex on PS4



Absolutely disgraceful that the PS4 has been totally abandoned by Plex.

Xbox and other platforms got the new UI along with other updates while the PS4 hasn't gotten one since mid-2016, except for one minor update related to stability.

How could you expect people to buy a Plex pass when you can't even ensure they'll get what they're paying for? PS4 is the number one selling console since launch in 2013 and yet it receives 0 attention.

I thought about getting a lifetime Plex pass for my Xbox but given Plex's resilience to update their products, it's really only a matter of time until you abandon the Xbox One and focus on other stupid S**t that your core audience never asked for.

Instead of wasting time adding bloatware features like News and Podcasts, focus on bringing the latest version of your product to all platforms.

Check out the Plex page on Reddit where people constantly complain about the utter crap being added to the app instead of perfecting core features and fixing issues.

Don't give me this rubbish about the time it takes to port the latest version to other platforms. You can't argue that when you have your developers wasting time building other stuff that most people will never use.

News and Podcasts are not things most Plex users are dying for. Such things should be optional add-ons and not something forced down on people and given a higher priority than maintaining the overall application. If Plex continues its path of becoming an all in one bloatware app, I'm gone along with most of your core users.

Again, perfect what you have first and then focus on whatever else you want to add. Don't assume people are happy because you're adding random features, features which are still not even available on most platforms like the PS4.

Quality over quantity.


Most of the players made by plex are utter ■■■■■. Why would the ps4 version be any different?


In my case, since the last ps4 firmware update, Plex kills my wifi after a few minutes…


A few years between updates, especially when there are so many known issues tells me the platform is legacy now. Or at best ‘not a focus at this time.’ It would be nice to see the current interface on PS4 and a few of the major issues squashed at some point.


Nevermind a new UI, how about just making it work after the last update? The total lack of support is atrocious.


Hi, yes totally agree.

One of the reasons I got Plex pass was PS4 app. The other was tablet app.

Digitalising personal media and making it accessible on all devices is why people choose plex, not to see news or podcasts - there is enough of that elsewhere


I concur that it’s really very, very poor that such a popular media platform as the PS4 is getting ignored by Plex. The fact that it supported PS4 was one of the reasons I moved to Plex in the first place, and almost immediately I did so they seemingly abandoned it. Given there are no longer the architectural complexities that often used hinder support for PS3 (it’s basically just a PC the same as X-box etc) there is no excuse for this. Plex, get your act together! >:)


it is a bit heart-breaking. plex is so good on other platforms, but their playstation forum is a wasteland of the same error, and it’s been this way for over a year. my personal bugbear is the way it can’t handle subtitles or AC3 streams, or some combination of the two. wants to (wrongly) transcode, or doesn’t want to load at all.

i can appreciate there’s probably a bunch of good reasons why this stuff hasn’t/can’t get fixed, but there really needs to be a ticketing system so we can see the status of these issues, rather than searching a ton of dead forum threads on google. the current arrangement can’t be good for either devs or users.


Ya I don’t understand this either. PS4 is a current console, and I’m pretty sure has way more units sold than XB1, yet XB1 has Live TV support, but still nothing. Even my original model Roku 2 Plex app supports Live TV.


Does everyone have the same problem?

  1. Playback error, constantly buffering, thus unable to watch media i.e. movie


Anyone who purchased the plexpass for ps4 should be given a full refund tbh, it’s not currently fit for purpose. It’s so disheartening to see the lack of any attempt from them to help users who have run into trouble.

If the ps4 media player offered more playback support, I don’t think anyone would give this company a second look.


So many of us have been complaining about issues with Plex on the PS4 with almost none of the admins paying attention. When they do pay attention it’s to ask for detailed logs and suggestions that maybe you should reinstall the app or something else that is proven not to work.


Any way to contact admins? @mattseeley


@joeldeluxe94 said:
Any way to contact admins? @mattseeley

I don’t know, hopefully they read the forums


I’m trying to watch a film now on PS4. It plays for about 10 minutes then stops and goes back to start screen. I can then press play and it resume for another 10 minutes before it stops again! It is so frustrating.


Well, one thing I would like to state based on my own experience with users of one of my servers who use all sorts of devices, as well as my own trials using Roku stick, roku box, amz fire stick, chromecast, ps3, ps4 iOS and android, is that the PS4 player is the worst. It’s unfair to compare them with the win/mac desktop apps or the web version.

The PS4 Plex app is the worst and hasn’t been updated for a far longer period than any of the others (based on my observations, though I’m not 100%). Its also doubly annoying in that the ps4 (or ps4 pro, which I have), is better capable of handling transcoding, buffering and other tasks (CPU or memory intensive), at high resolution, than any of the others. The much better xbox one app, from what I have read, only, serves as a direct example of what could have been developed on PS4.

I do wish that Plex finally chimes in on whether they intend to fix this matter and help their service shine across client platforms, but I also fear that Sony may be the obstruction. Either way, let the users know, please!


@“Rik Powell” said:
Does everyone have the same problem?

  1. Playback error, constantly buffering, thus unable to watch media i.e. movie

Me and 4 other people i know have the same problem, if I knew plex was this bad on ps4 i probably wouldn’t of bought a ps4.

All I can say is Plex on my Xbox one is a beast.


@“Rik Powell” said:
Does everyone have the same problem?

  1. Playback error, constantly buffering, thus unable to watch media i.e. movie

Yes. The Plex app is pretty much unusable on PS4 currently.


I really don’t have any of the playback errors or buffering problems and never had. Only the app crashing randomly while browsing media, or just starting the app.


@“Rik Powell” said:
Does everyone have the same problem?

  1. Playback error, constantly buffering, thus unable to watch media i.e. movie

This is probably not particularly helpful in this thread, but I am having the same issues with the Amazon Fire Stick on a wired ethernet connection.