How to deal with TV Show Naming of Extras


I have a whole bunch of "unofficial" content for the TV Show Mystery Science Theatre 3000 that I have no idea how to get Plex to just read the content as "face value". At first the name structure was all messed up and it added them to the existing series but then I ended up with 10 more seasons each with its own separate extra. I attempted to name them "Specials" with s00e## in their order of appearance but S00 is reserved from the "KTMA" Episodes. (This is something I have seen a lot of where there was a show that had a "season before their official first season" which invariably is called S00 and so Plex's naming scheme collides with this.

These are a random grab bag of extras that aren't associated with any episode. The strict naming convention Plex employs (the best call for fuzzy logic application if there ever was one!) doesn't have any accommodation for Extras in TV shows and frankly I just want this folder to appear named whatever the heck I call it with the titles the file names. I tried making a bogus season (S100) but that didn't work (probably too many digits) so before I go and rename it a fourth time, anyone have any suggestions here? They aren't Specials, since that is reserved for the KTMA "pre episode" episodes and they aren't part of any season. How do I store these in a why that Plex won't do something annoying, or worse, nothing at all?


@hinder90 said:
but S00 is reserved from the “KTMA” Episodes.

Nope. There is nothing ‘reserved’ about season 00

This is currently the only officially supported way for extras in tv shows


Welp… our options are extremely limited in this regard, but this is the way we’ve had to deal with this issue for a LONG TIME and it’s how we’re going to have to deal with it for LOT LONGER.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of those shows that has a ****load of ‘Specials’. 452 to be exact:
Whew! That’s a lot of Specials.

What are the chances the Special you have is one of those? Hard to say, but with 452 of them it’s possible. Now you just have to find them.

A TV Show Library/
…Mystery Science Theater 3000/
…Season 00/ <— that’s the way I do it - I ‘assume’ ‘Specials’ will also work, but don’t quote me on that.
…Mystery Science Theater 3000 - S00E460 - Crow Fouls His <— let’s assume that’s not in that big list
…Mystery Science Theater 3000 - S00E461 - Bobo Kills Brain <— that too

Why did I start at E460? We don’t want to trigger a special that’s already listed and there could be some specials to come now that Netflix has picked them up for another run. Actually I’d start a little higher - like E500.

Anywho - after you add those you’re going to hand edit with your own descriptions. That’s the only way this happens.

Don’t be alarmed by the lovely Ingrid Bergman. That’s the test file I use for everything. If you have an actual MST3K Special Plex will grab a still from that file to use as the thumb. You can see after a little edit you have something to look at.


Thanks for the assist. It would be nice if there was some way to handle this sort of thing that is standardized, which I presume is the hardest part of this. How the standard works is nothing compared to just getting everyone aboard for it.

Thanks for the detail explanation. It would seem that I should see what is presently in these DBs and use what is there first.

Does anyone know if there is a good query tool for any/all of the guide database tools that Plex makes use of? That would be extremely helpful for deciding what to name things as it would shine a light on what other folks have done in cases where standard practices just don’t work exactly.