How to delete orphaned sync content



In the Windows client (Store) I have content synced from a server not available anymore. The content is outdated and I want to remove it from my device to free up space.

From the status interface, I click the content before it disappears (since the client hides content of servers not available after a few seconds), click the delete icon and confirm the delete-warning message.

The content keeps showing up in the (orphaned) library-entry and also seems to not be deleted from the harddisk, since I can find it at C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Packages\CAF9E577.Plex_aam28m9va5cke\LocalState\SyncStorage\sync\177c48b0\2a2b546f

How do I properly handle this situation?


I rate this as a very serious issue: A big piece of my very precious (because seriously limited) storage space is blocked!

I have no clue if I should manually delete the files on the hard disk to get my storage space back, or if I should wait for a software update because manual deletion could corrupt many GB of unwatched synced content.

Can a Plex support member please tell me what to do?

Do they even read this forum? Should I post somewhere else?


@graff1337 said:
Do they even read this forum? Should I post somewhere else?

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Yes we do, but there’s a lot of posts for us to read and not many of us to do it.

What you describe is not something that’s been reported before. You should be able to delete synced content from the Sync Status page even if the server no longer exists. If it is not working for you, then there may be a bug as this is not the intended behavior. I will try to reproduce this and see if there is a solution. The app has not been updated in quite some time and I do not know when the next update will happen , so the only solution may be to manually delete these items. I will get back to you.


Can I delete files without corrupting other synced content?


If your device is rooted and you can access the synced location, then yes, you can delete individual files. Otherwise, the only way currently is to delete all synced content.

Edit - Oops sorry. Forgot this was for Windows. No need root. The files are saved with different names then their actual filenames so if you can figure out what is what, you are free to delete them.


Thanks for your reply!

Since the folder structure has a sub folder for each source server (it looks like that) I can figure it out pretty easily.

I’ll report back.


I am also having this same issue in the windows app.


I have the same issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 running newest version of Android.


Issue still persists…


I am having this same problem with an Ipad device. Media is showing on the local device but when i try to go to the sync page to delete it there is nothing there it says. It is using all my device space up and I can’t remove it.


Also had this issue in iOS. Server machine crashed requiring a full reinstall. So the synced content on my devices was orphaned from the “old” server. I deleted the entries in sync, but the content did not come off my device.

I ended up deleting the app and reinstalling. Had to do a hard reset after deleting to free up the space as well.