How to delete Plex account?




I'm amazed that there is nowhere in the site a slightest hint, how to remove account from Plex, as if the developers think that they have so cool service that nobody wants to get rid of it? And no even possibilities to contact with support team - no addresses, no numbers, just - if you have problems, look for answers in forum, may-be somebody helps. Never seen such ignorace and don't think it's an intelligent way to be ureachable to customers, if they need help - may-be a lot of them don't even know, how to use forums and put their question in right place. Looks very arrogant and careless attitude - I don't like this and your site generally and don't want to keep my acccount - what I have to do in order to get rid of it?


Hit the report button on your post and for the message type in that you want your account removed. The report will go directly to the forum mods who should be able to help or at least get you in touch with someone that can.

Personally I'd just change the email address at this point and ignore it if you don't want to bother with it, but that might get you some results.


Or just go to the bottom of your profile page and delete your account, I would not call one click off the main website page hidden, maybe a good look in the mirror is in order [emoji12]


I want to delete my account because it's not working on Roku TV