Input for Plex player app/PMS issues with Plugin Framework



There are many issues that plugin developers are aware of where certain parts of the plugin framework is not fully supported by the various Plex player apps. But we do not have a definitive list of these issues.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of known issues in a pinned thread at the top of this forum. This list shows issues that I am currently aware of and that I know have been reported to the various Plex player app developers.

Known Plex player app and PMS issues supporting Plugin Framework

The issues that are currently listed in the thread above have been reported to the developers of the player apps.

But any input by other plugin developers would be greatly appreciated. So if you are aware of any additional part of the Plugin Framework that is not supported by a Plex player app or other issues with the Plugin Framework (ex. playback issues with certain types of online media on a Plex player app or PMS), please reply to this thread. That way we can keep the pinned list of known issues thread clean and free of discussion.

If you know of or find an issue, add a single post here to describe the issue and be sure to include the specific information that is described below. The specific information listed below helps in reporting the issue to the various Plex player app developer. And I will add that issue to the compiled list in the pinned thread at the top of the Forum.

Things to include in your post for an issue:

Details about the Plex systems affected by this issue
The player app or apps affected and the versions for those player apps
The PMS operating system and version you are using
The last working version (if it did work in a past version)

Describe how often is this used in plugins or how often do you encounter websites that require you to use the plugin framework that is not working.

How to Reproduce Issue/ Explain Behavior
How can someone reproduce this issue. What is happening now versus what should be happening on that player app or version of PMS?

Also include any attachments like log files and screen shots that can better show the issue

Thanks for your help.


Having this separate thread to discuss any additions or changes to the list and provide input, will help keep the pinned thread clean and less confusing.


And just an FYI, I have also sent a message to the Andriod TV developers about the fact that the new UI uses Poster view for channel plugins instead of Detail view, like other TV UIs. I have explained how we cannot control the images or titles for online media and sent screen shots to show how Poster view can make determining the sections and content of a channel plugins quite difficult and frustrating.

I hope they address it, but others may want to add posts and comments in the AndriodTV section of the forum about the new UI and how the Poster view negatively affects channel plugins, so they will see that it is not just one plugin developer complaining.


PlugIn SSL errors -
Various operating systems - Seems to not occur on Windows 10 as much as it does on other OS (Mac/Linux/etc) now.
Various plug-ins (See this discussion for a list of channels it was occurring on in September 2017)
Reference -
Error = URLError: <urlopen error [SSL: SSLV3_ALERT_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE] sslv3 alert handshake failure (_ssl.c:590)>

Reference =
Error = URLError: <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)

It even occurred for many with one of Plex's metadata agent.
Reference =
Though that particular conversation is long and several different issue fixes came out of it, a few of the 44 comments (as of this posting) were due to urlopen certificate errors.

Basically, attempting to select a stream or function for an HTTPS link within plug-in code, if affected, results in failure, with logs indicating one of the errors above.