Issue with new docker PMS



I've been running Plex for a few years. I previously was running it on a Windows VM on an ESXi host. That was all fine and dandy, but I'm container-izing everything else, so I thought I'd give it a whirl with Plex as well.

I can easily get the docker container running.
I *can * access it with my publicIP:32400 as well as internalIP:32400 (I updated the appropriate network port forwarding to the new internal IP address). So network should be fine.

No matter which IP I use to access, if I am not logged on, I am taken to the login prompt and login is successful.

The issue I seem to be having is relating to Claiming the server maybe?
The WebUI does not show my server in the drop down in the upper left corner (it does show all of my friend's PMSes as expected, mine is entirely missing from the list).
I do not get a Claim banner.
When I click Settings, the Server option is missing (I only have Web, Users, Devices).

At this point I have not moved the previous install. I'm trying a pure, net-new install.

Things I've tried:
- Stopping the container, deleting everything from the /config directory (including Preferences.xml), generating a new claim code, and restarting PMS.
- Stopping the container, deleting everything from the /config directory, delete the container, purge the image, generate a new claim code, restart PMS.
- Reverted my port forward rule to the old interal IP, fired up the Plex on the VM, and it works immediately.

more info if it matters:
docker version: 18.03.1-ce
docker-compose version: 1.18.0, build 8dd22a9


version: '3'
container_name: plex
image: plexinc/pms-docker:latest
restart: unless-stopped
- media
- "3005:3005/tcp"
- "8324:8324/tcp"
- "32400:32400/tcp"
- "32469:32469/tcp"
- "32410-32414:32410-32414/udp"
- TZ=America/Los_Angeles
- /data/virtual/plex:/config
- /data/media/tv:/data/tv
- /data/media/movies:/data/movies/
- /data/media/4k/tv:/data/4k/tv
- /data/media/4k/movies:/data/4k/movies
- /data/media/music:/data/music/
- /data/virtual/plex/tmp:/transcode
driver: bridge
driver: default
- subnet:

I've also attached the PMS log to this post.


I apparently can’t upload the logs :-/


I’m getting exactly the same - driving me nuts!


Two possible solutions:

(1) Delete the file /.firstRunComplete in the container, get a NEW PLEX_CLAIM code (any PLEX CLAIM code is only valid for 4 minutes!) and restart the container.

The Plex claim process is only triggered the first time your container is run (check for file /.firstRunComplete). Take a look at the following script that’s run.

(2) Start the container temporarily in “host” network mode and use a ssh tunnel to access the web interface “locally”. Please read “On a different Network”: