Known Issues in 1.8.0



I'm going to keep this thread around for adding features that are missing, or problems that we have reproduced in the current release.

Please note that these aren't in any priority or meaningful order, but if they're here, we're aware they need working on.

Features still to be implemented

  • Search
  • Post Play
  • By Folder View
  • Soft Subtitles (IE Text based subtitles without transcoding)

Known issues

  • VUI still visible after video finishes
  • Unexpected error (or Server Unavailable) when entering a specific library
    • Typically caused by a database that needs to be optimized on the server. This can be done from the web app by selecting the ... menu next to Libraries and then selecting Optimize Database
  • Some channels will error on playback
  • Crashes around using photo albums as the filter type
  • Occasionally the quality during playback can default to a value that requires transcoding instead of Original.
    • This can be changed from the menu during playback or from Plex web if this causes the video not to start due to server unable to transcode
  • Pink/Green Artifacting across the screen during playback
    • This is currently being investigated but appears to be caused by full bluray rips with low reference frames, mostly seen in full rips of Sony Manufactured discs. The two known workarounds are to convert the video stream manually (or use the media optimizer) or disable direct play and direct stream from the Xbox One apps settings menu to force the video to transcode.