Latest Preview update resulting in grey movie bars top and bottom. Anybody experiencing this?



Hey guys, I updated to the latest dashboard today and while it's fast and generally a good improvement, Plex has a strange problem now.

The update seems to have introduced a grey base screen which appears between app loads and when restarting the console. This grey screen also effects the movie playback in Plex. Instead of showing inky black screen bars while watching movies they are now grey with a thin black line where the image begins.

I have reported it to MS but I wondered if anyone here or Plex themselves new about this?

Any help appreciated.


Same here!


It’s a big shame I hope they sort it quickly.


Any official Plex Peeps able to comment on this for us?


I’m encountering this as well and have submitted a report to MS.


Please fix this. It ruins the whole experience watching with ugly grey bars!


There is already some discussion on this here.

A user has noted that this also happens with the Xbox Media Player app (which uses the same underlying player), so chances are this is something that happened due to a change from Microsoft. Make sure you report it as feedback as would be appropriate for the Preview Program.