Music Folder Structure - Various Artists, Soundtrack, Multi Disk



So, based on the Plex page we are supposed to use the following structure:

/Artist - Album/01 - title.mp3

My questions is what do I do for Various Artists, Soundtracks, and Multi Disk albums. I couldn't find any information on this.

For Various Artists I did

/Various Artists - Reggae's Gone Country/01 - California.mp3

This seems to be what Plex wants because it puts it under an image with multiple people in it.

For Soundtracks I did both

/Original Soundtrack - Less Than Zero/09 - She Lost You.mp3
/Soundtrack - Less Than Zero/09 - She Lost You.mp3

This puts it in an artists category of folder of "Original Soundtrack". The image on it is nothing special unlike the "Various Artists" image. What is the correct folder structure for soundtracks?

Finally, we have mutlidisk albums. I do it like

/Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys Anthology The Sounds Of Science/01 - 01- Beastie Boys (1999 Remaster).mp3
/Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys Anthology The Sounds Of Science/02 - 01 - The Biz vs. The Nuge (1999 Remaster).mp3

Where the first set of numbers is the disc and the second set is the song number on that disc. What is the correct structure for mutli disc albums?



Not sure on Soundtracks, I think I just saw a server version update them a bit.
As for multi-disc try;
/Album discography name
track 01 - title.mp3
track 01 - title.mp3

Works for me.


Tried that with Shania Twain Up! (Red and Green) and it didn't work. Had to manually edit the songs to tell them which ones were on cd 2. Things seem hit or miss with the folder structures so I am starting to think it is the information that the scanner is getting from wherever it goes to get the


I use mp3 tag to match the metadata before putting it into plex, there is a disc number meta you can edit and plex reads it.


For Various Artists I did
/Various Artists - Reggae's Gone Country/01 - California.mp3

Where is the 'Artist Name' ???


It is a CD composed of various artists. I am not putting the artists for each song. Having said that, you bring up a good point. I may try putting each artist for each song.



Tip re multiple discs: After using Plex for a while, I finally figured out how to have multiple disks under one Album cover and I thought that I would pass it along because it was so simple I felt stupid. I have several rock albums that are two or three disks. Each one had a separate album cover under the artist. Go to the second (or third) disk and click "info" on each song. Change the disk number to 2 (or whatever). Then go to the name of the album and take out the "disk one" or whatever. The key is to make sure AFTER you have changed the disk number for each song on disks 2-whatever that you then change the name of the album to the same name. Then Plex will list each disk separately under the one album cover, and will play all the way through. Not sure why it took me so long to figure this out, but I hope it helps!


So, is there a way to have Plex understand FILE names in terms of Disc#? This is an example of what I currently have as filenames:


My renamer doesn't play nice with the Artist - Album/Disc1 or Artist - Album/Disc2 sub-folder naming, so can I add the Disc number into the filename itself? How can I name them such that Plex knows certain tracks belong to different discs? Basically, I want to use a naming scheme as opposed to editing all the ID3 tags manually by myself. Can I show that it's a different disc even if all the tracks are in the same folder? For instance:

TrackNumber_ArtistName_-AlbumName[Disc DiscNumber]-_TrackTitle.flac
-Ziltoid_the_Omniscient[Disc 1]_-_By_Your_Command.flac


I use Kid3 (Mac) for editing tags. What I do is use the same name and specify disc "1/2" Then Plex should list both discs under one album cover. However, I find it is easier to do what I suggested above . . . when you have a Disc 1 and a Disc 2 of the same album, go to disc 2, select each of the sings, click on "edit" and change the disc number to "2" and then make sure the name of disc 1 and 2 are identical and save changes. Then Plex should show one album cover with "disc 1" listed with its songs, and then "disc 2."


Hi everyone,

any update on naming convention for soundtracks?

I have a lot of them (mostly game soundtracks) and I have no idea how to correctly catalogue them


@AlexKalopsia said:
Hi everyone,

any update on naming convention for soundtracks?

I have a lot of them (mostly game soundtracks) and I have no idea how to correctly catalogue them

@AlexKalopsia Did you find a good way to handle soundtracks?


Not really. I set the folder structure like this:

  • Music --- Arcade Fire --- Nirvana --- .... --- Original Soundtrack ------ Metal Gear Solid V ------ Shadow of the Colossus ------ Super Meat Boy

and I did the same in the Plex library... I set the artist as Original Soundtrack (I know, it's lame), but at least like this it's nicely organized. Also the mp3 tag is still set to the real artist.


Plex understands all of my multi-disc albums automatically. I use this file structure:

-> Artist
-> -> Album
-> -> -> 1-01 Track Name.m4a
-> -> -> 1-02 Track Name.m4a
-> -> -> 1-03 Track Name.m4a
-> -> -> 2-01 Track Name.m4a
-> -> -> 2-02 Track Name.m4a
-> -> -> 2-03 Track Name.m4a
-> -> -> 3-01 Track Name.m4a
-> -> -> 3-02 Track Name.m4a
-> -> -> 3-03 Track Name.m4a


@Tikilab , Not sure who you are replying to, but the issue for AlexKalopsia and others is that Plex doesn't have an online DB to look up game music score compilations, unless that particular game has actually had a 'big' production compilation made of it (such as that might be purchased in retail outlets)


Sorry @JamminR, I was replying to @Motoman4540's (old) post about multi-album discs.

I believe using the ID3 tags instead of relying on Plex solves most, if not all of the problems mentioned in this thread.

For soundtracks without good ID3 data, I use Musicbrainz Picard to embed the data into my files. Then Plex shows everything the way I like it.

If Musicbrainz doesn't have the data, I simply enter it myself, then tag the files. But Musicbrainz has loads of data that is missing, so it's rare that I need to enter a lot of info myself. Still with a lot of these less "big" titles there might not be much data. The good thing is once you enter the data on Musicbrainz, it's there for everyone else to use too.


@tikilab - thanks for the info. I actually have years of mp3s, some 15-20 years old and many of them pre-id3 tag era, that I need tagged..
Your link has provided another tool for me to look into when I decide to sort it all out. (It's going to be a time consuming process)


It is a process! Like you, I have years of files, but I work on them once in a while in small batches and it's less daunting.


Hi everyone !

I discovered the MediaMonkey software. It is very helpful to organize your music libraries.

For each album, i ask him to search on web titles, track number, artists, cover, year, etc ... It saves theses informations in ID3 tag of your songs.
Furthermore, for the disc management, you just have to be sure that all the song of the album have exactly the same album name. Then, select all the songs from the disc 1 (for example) and mark them with the 1 number disc. And so on for the next discs ...

Then, i ask him to rename all my song and i send them to my MPS.

It works perfectly !


Hi everyone,

The easiest way for nicely ordering your various artists is to sort your database under "artist" filenames. I use mp3tag to keep only artist and title ID tag and do "convert" tag to filename by seconds your database will be sorted under artist filenames. Refresh metadata in plex and you get a nice structure without album


What happened to the "Disc x labels" that used to display between discs in Plex??? They are gone, instead I get the tracks mushed together. (but in proper order) i.e. "1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4" When it should and used to be "Disc 1 1,2,3,4,5,6 Disc 2 1,2,3,4".