New Plex Web release added signal strength, but can't seem to find it.



Looking at the release notes for 3.52.1 for PlexWeb, one of the features states:



Added signal strength to channels in Live TV Setup and Manage Channels

I launched the Plex Web app via and verified it's the latest version, however have checked both those areas and did not see anything. I tried with an existing WinTV Quad HD and adding a HDhomerun Extend. Can somebody show me where I should be seeing this?

Very excited for this feature, hoping in the future it will be something incorporated into the clients to see signal strength when viewing Live TV.


in Live TV Setup and Manage Channels

which means you’ll only see it during setup of the live tv feature.
It is mainly intended to help you select the right channel if you have the same station listed on several transponders.


Currently the signal strength has the following limitations:

  • Requires a rescan of channels to pull in the signal strength
  • Does not support most HDHR devices (we’re looking to add support for these devices)
  • Supports USB, PCI-E, some older non-HTTP HDHRs
  • The signal strength is not updated after scanning

Currently the signal strength is not shown during playback, supporting that is on our roadmap.

If you rescan the channels on your WinTV Quad HD you should see the signal strength appear, you can do that through Manage Channels modal in Live TV & DVR settings.

your HDHomerun Extend won’t have signal strength available though.

In retrospect we should have added a bit more to the release notes for that entry, as it’s currently limited to select tuners only.


@markus101 Thank you for the very thorough response. I appreciate it!