No HDR for Plex app?



Hi all,

I tested HDR on Xbox One using this file: (publicly available HDR sample)

Here's the result: Movies & TV app on Xbox can play the file and triggered HDR on my TV (copied onto a thumb drive and plug it into the XB1).
I tried streaming the file through Plex, even though it came up as Direct Play on the server side (nothing was being transcoded), HDR did not activate on my TV. Plex does not support HDR content on Xbox One? Or does Plex stripped HDR metadata from the file when streamed?


I'm running into the same issue. My TV is 2017 Vizio M65-E0. This would be on an Xbox One S as its currently the only way to play 4k and/or HDR content on an Xbox One. I've been able to stream the same 4K + HDR video to the same TV with the Plex app for Nvidia Shield and it triggers the HDR. When I stream to the Xbox One Plex app it does not trigger HDR. Other HDR content on the XBox One S (i.e. Netflix, Amazon Video) plays fine and triggers the HDR mode of the television. Is this a known issue?


Mine is Vizio M65-D0, last year model. It seems that Plex does not trigger/stream HDR content.