OpenDNS and Plex



I am looking to use OpenDNS in my home (my kids are getting older) and I am wondering what i need to do to still allow plex access outside of my network. I have 2 servers, a windows and a synology, do either need to be tweaked to still allow plex once i use OpenDNS?

I would love some input. Thanks.


If you are just using them as your primary and secondary DNS servers in your DHCP config on your router then no changes need to be made other then release then renew IPs on each box once you make the changes on your router. If you have any static IPs set you will have to set those to the new IPs for dns manually. Its just another provider for DNS services.


I’m also using OpenDNS at home and use some of their filters. To be sure that I can always use Plex, I whitelisted the and domains. So even if those domain names are already on a blacklist or end up on a blacklist, I can still use Plex.