OpenPHT as a LiveTV client




i would like to use openPHT additionally as a LiveTV client like in Libreelec. I have a TVheadend Server in my network. Is it possible to configure openpht to use this server for LiveTV?



Yes. Get the channel on the unsupported app store. I use nextPVR on my openPHT.


I'm trying to do the same thing, contemplating looking at the code myself but C aint my thing :(


IT would be nice to be able to use Plex' built in Live TV. It could be the only client with proper grid style EPG.


i watch live tv via IPTV service, using the iptv plex channel, works well in openpht


Those of you able to get LiveTV in OpenPHT can I ask for a screenshot or two of the UI you are ending up with? The guide for sure if you could.


No guide with the nextPVR unsupported app. It just has basic squares for each channel and does tell you what is currently playing.


For Libreelec there is a plugin for TVheadend. I thought it might be compatible with openpht, because openpht isbased on openelec.