OpenPHT flickering on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Braswell N3150 NUC



Hi all, my server is a Braswell N3150 NUC from Gigabyte, and recently I hooked it up to my TV screen to use it as a client too, using OpenPHT 1.7.1 and Plex Black Edition skin.
What I noticed is that when moving through OpenPHT GUI there is some "flickering" of graphics elements like the rectangle that identifies the focused movie poster. Sometimes there's a flickering effect of the whole screen as if some frame was "left behind" and after refreshing the screen it stops. Has anyone had the same issue? I'll check tonight if even with Kodi it does the same or if it is OpenPHT specific. Maybe there's a way in Ubuntu to check advanced settings of the integrated GPU like triple buffering, 2D and 3D hardware acceleration etc?


Does it flicker in the default skin / other skins?

See if the following setting is available in your openPHT, they reported it fixed menu flickering for them

Set 'Vertical Black Sync' to 'Enabled during playback'


I will check the default skin asap, didn't have time yesterday, but I checked with Kodi and there's no flickering, so it should be an issue with OpenPHT alone. I'll check your suggestions regarding vertical sync too, I think the problem is there. Thank you!


Just for a quick update, I checked with the default skin and it works fine, no flickering. On the other hand both Plex Black Edition and Aeon Nox show a flickering effect while loading the movie posters or navigating.

I checked the option you mentioned and once switched to "Enabled during playback" instead of automatic (let the driver chose) the issue is gone. I also noticed that if I turn on vertycal sync "always" the background of OpenPHT (even in standard skin) starts flickering without stopping.

I don't know how the vertical sync set to "Enabled during playback" interacts with framerate switching, but the movies play well, and the GUI is now flicker free. So thank you very much!

Also maybe a heads up to skin developers since there might be some difference in the default skin that prevents the flicker to happen in the first place.


What's your supported refresh rates on your monitor/TV/Display?


@benjaminwolf said:
What's your supported refresh rates on your monitor/TV/Display?

The TV is a Sony Bravia KDL-32W705C and it supports 24,30,50 and 60p, plus 50i and 60i. I think Ubuntu is displaying the desktop and OpenPHT interface in 60Hz but I have to check when I'm back home.