per-user preferences



Just got plex pass. I've chosen the Plex Black Edition skin while logged in as the root user. Now I've logged in as a newly created "managed user".

  1. Can I not set a skin per user? Or any other skin preferences? The only functions I see in the UI besides media browsing are search and switch user.
  2. As the user, I can open up a views preference/filters window, and change the contextual view per library and per level. However, I can't see how to commit the change. That is to say, I click on the 'grid' icon as it scrolls through the various views: carousel, list, tiles, etc. I find what I like, but now what? If I back out, it reverts to carousel (movies).

I feel like I'm probably doing something wrong, this can't be a unique requirement.


I think you need to go to the section where this skin is discussed.

I see what you mean about no UI settings per user…