Plex Docker Version Conversion Failed: Transcoder crashed or did not start (SOLVED)



Hey all, just wanted to let you know of an issue I found after updating to the (currently) latest plex docker image (

Any time Plex had to transcode something (watching in a browser or on a mobile device) the transcode would fail. I checked to make sure that the directory was writable on the real system but when I went into the docker container (docker exec -it plex_container_name /bin/bash), the /transcode directory had 755 permissions and was owned by root, seemingly not making it writable by the plex user. I changed the permissions on that directory to 777 and everything started working again.

I'm not sure why this would happen in an automated build, but just wanted to document the fix so hopefully in the next docker image it doesn't happen again.



I ran that version of Plex on docker on unraid and never ran into that myself but good to know.

FYI 1.9.x is out if you wanna upgrade.


This has happened to me too after a machine restart. I chalked it up to me mounting the /transcode dir in my host system's /tmp dir. Perhaps I was wrong.

Now, if only plex would update the container on Docker Hub so I could update.