Plex for my VU solo 4k Enigma2



Hi ! i have new box VU solo 4k is any plex for my box the CPU is ARM .



I would also like to see a official Plex app for Enigma2 as Dreamplex is no longer developed.


me too ;-)


Yes, Dreamplex is no longer in development but it still works fine.


It works, if you only use the dreamplex app on the enigma2 . If you use this dreamplex app as a player (startet from ipad ios) there is an error with the remote queue. When I startet with my enigma 2 sat receiver about 1 year ago, this worked. But since this time, there were many changes in plex and now I get this error. So it would be very good, if there would be a official client app for enigma2.


bump... me too


Since last plex server version I get a message error anytime I play something but If I press exit on my duo2 (after the error message) the file plays anyway.


Rather than targeting specific builds of Enigma2 would it be possible for Plex to officially adopt the initial work of Don Davici in his DreamPlex plugin. (

This plugin appears to be abandoned and could do with a contemporary refresh.

If Plex would adopt and maintain this plugin then all Enigma2 users around the world would be better served with improved access to their Plex servers.


@Sven68 said:
Yes, Dreamplex is no longer in development but it still works fine.

Depends on which device or rather which OS you are using. On OE2.5 it does not really work fine at all, even with adaptions by the non-developer.