PlexAmp feature request: Android support & Android Auto integration


As a user of an Android phone, I'm constantly streaming music in my car for my commutes to and from work. I use services like Spotify and Google Play. I know that Plex, already integrated into Android Auto...BUT...if PlexAmp could be as well, that would give us direct access to what we stream in a car anyway, music!

Think about it, please.


i to would like plex amp on andriod great little player plex on the phone is not ideal just a little player for local music or a widget that would do


I think this should be implemented because currently there is no way to get gapless playback on Android or Chromebook.


I’d love to see a Plex Amp app on PS4 specifically working like the Media Player, or Spotify, so I can listen to MY music while I play instead of Spotify or using that Media Player.