[Plexamp + Media Server] Feature Request: Move MPD to Plex Media Server


Please correct my understanding if it's wrong, but it seems that Plexamp's use of MPD (Music Player Daemon) is embedded into Plexamp itself, and not a part of Plex Media Server. This means that, in order to get MPD functionality, you can only do so through Plexamp, and not through an MPD-compliant client.

I suggest/request moving MPD into Plex Media Server itself to make it a first-class feature.

The benefit of this would be to separate server/client concerns out of Plexamp, allowing it to be purely a client in and of itself. Additionally, if MPD on Plex Media Server is indeed a fully-compliant implementation of MPD, people can choose which client they want to use with it, thus increasing the value of PMS as a platform.


I think it would be a cool feature to wrap up a MPD instance on the server that could broadcast to a Sonos (using UPNP) or a Homepod (using Airplay) and treat them like a controllable player. Roon does this (but Plexamp is so much better, and cheaper)


That is along the lines of some things we’ve discussed, these are smart suggestions and we greatly appreciate them :smile: