PlexBan is a project created using Python and PostgreSQL. The main purpose of the project is to manage auto-magically user connections authorization on Plex Media Server (PMS). By verifying the PMS sessions XML file, PlexBan will notice if a) the same username is seen multiple times using different IP addresses or if b) multiple IP addresses are toggling for one specific user. A Ban Flag can be raised based on a token system related to time stamps, all logged into PostgreSQL DB. Project is available on Windows and Linux. Firewall rules are then created based on the ban flag status (IPtables, Windows Firewall), per connection, until the timer expires; default is 900 seconds. Can be used for multiple PMS design.

Code soon available on both OS (Linux/Windows) (~Sept 15 2016). Currently only "tested" on windows 7+.


code available here
docs available here


Is this code still around? Couldn't find on Git. Thanks


This would be cool to play with if it exist somewhere.


Code still exist, remapped to

Make sure you check the Wiki. I know it is not really detailed... it was meant to a be a small project. Let me know if I can help.


I have been trying to get this to work today. So far it's been hit or miss. Maybe a bit more details in the steps would be of help to me. Such as what I should expect when I do different steps. Step 2 and 3 are very general. More details would be a huge help. -Thanks