Podcast cut after approx 30 minute of listening.



I've never listened to podcasts for some reason but the new feature peeked my curiosity. So I've started to listen to "hello internet" by two of my favorite YouTube selebrities.

However, every 30 minutes or so the podcasts cut to the latest not listened to podcast in the series. I'm not sure if the time is consistently the same but I know it's roughly every 30 minutes. It also fails to remember where it cut so it's been a bit annoying to listen to 1.5 - 2h episodes. (I'm on the 1.13.2. 5102 server version and a oneplus one 3T latest update)

Anyone else had any similar issues?


Same. (On Android - on cell connection; haven’t tried on wifi)


This is an issue that keeps cropping ip when listening to general audio over 30 minutes in duration.

Good luck in trying to get the plex team to listen to the bug report…


Yeah, well I’m starting to get seriously fed up with plex. I’ve done some serious testing in emby.

Emby seems to be the superior product although it have some minor annoyances that the plex team have polished away.

Emby is far from perfect but right now the pro and cons weight in favor of emby. However, I’ll never Uninstall plex because subzero is so god damn good. Wonder if it would be diffecult to port to emby.

Plex is a brilliant solution for the uninitiated. But for enthusiasts like me emby is edging it out for me currently. The only really major feature I’ll miss is thumbnails with scrubbing.


yes, after listening about 17-18 minutes, jumps to the next podcast.
8.0 android phone, the most current version of the server and applications on the phone.