PS3 - Error Beginning Playback



Getting the following error during playback for a specific movie:

Showing on PS3: There was a problem playing this item. error: 'video_error' code: '-2140536829' .

In the server logs (Logging enabled on Client) .
ERROR - [ui-ps3-ps3] [WMPlayer] player error { "command": "playerError", "status": "fail", "error": "video_error", "error_code": -2140536829, "error_code_hexa": "0x806a0003", "error_info": "ERROR: sceAvPlayerEnableStream(31800220, 0, http://ip-here:32400/library/parts/3145/1526654538/file.mp4?X-Plex-Session-Identifier=hkhaowudxxga2ucpyjrggke2&X-Plex-Product=Plex TV&X-Plex-Version=3.1.0&X-Plex-Client-Identifier=mgj3oyvtbnr5zomytmov7ncc&X-Plex-Platform=Mystery 3&X-Plex-Platform-Version=01.41&X-Plex-Device=Sony (PlayStation 3 01.41)&X-Plex-Device-Name=Plex for Sony (PlayStation 3 01.41)&X-Plex-Token=xxxxxxxxxxx_

Any idea what the issue is? I'm happy to re-encode, but I'm not sure what the issue would be..
Its a 1080P, MP4/H.264, AAC Stereo - nothing out of the ordinary, really.