Rasplex for Raspbian Lite (Jessie)?



Hey everyone! I'm trying to find out if RasPlex is built to be installed on Raspbian Lite (Jessie) and run through the command line.
My reasoning for this is I have one small handheld bluetooth keyboard with built-in mouse track pad... and it's very inconvenient to have to pair it with RasPlex and my other project on Raspbian Lite every time I swap MicroSD Cards. I would rather just install RasPlex to my Raspbian Lite card.
I have next-to-no experience with Raspbian, only managing to get bluetooth controllers paired and my other program called Parsec installed. If anyone could lend a hand, that would be great (direct link so I can download the package and commands so I can subsequently install it- if possible)! :)


no, you cant install rasplex inside raspbian


no Rasplex is it’s own stand alone