Rasplex H265




i've got a little problem with my rasplex.
I download tv shows in H265, 3 days ago that works perfectly ...
But now the picture LAG ... i don't know what to do ...
please if you have some ideas ?

ps: RPI 2B


Rasplex doesnt support hardware decoding for x265
From what I can understand it can run it fine by using the cpu up to 720p on the pi3

consider recoding your videos to x264


But it was work 3 days ago since 6-8 months ... i don't understand what change ...

Edit: and the x265 videos works fine when i read it via PMP on windows or my android APP ...


The problem is on the raspberry pi
it doesn't support the codec and doesn't have en necessary power for full software 265 streamming
you could use the optimization tools on plex to make a copy for rasplex or you could probably tell the server to transcode on the fly

The reason why it worked for some time could be heat or power related. Yes it can work if it runs from software on a small test, but once the rpi gets hot it will throttle the cpu in the middle of the show/movie and the performance will plummet


Thank you ! I think my power cable of my rpi is the problem ...
I've order an other :smile:


I doubt that with "power" he meant the electrical power.
More likely the speed of the Pi's processors is what's meant. And you can't change that.


I think you might want to change device if your wanting to play 4K to something like the Vero 4k. Im not a big fan of 4k myself even though i have 2 4k TV's the difference from 1080 to 4K is not big enough