[REL]PlexFeed - What's Most Recent - PHP Script V1.4



PlexFeed v1.4
added support for IMDB Rating and Posters
added function: latest 5 movies
added function: encryption for parent_key
redesigned the whole interface.

The scripts is simple. it uses the unique API of plexpy . parses it and outputs the result in a nicely styled html table for users to see. It grabs title, library name.genre, imdb rating, poster.
. download your copy of plexfeed
2. upload to web server
3. open inc/config.php and edit the required cars. you may remove the copyright , but it mayh help other people
that are looking for a solution to display recently added media from their servers without having to invite users.
choice is yours, live or die :slight_smile:
4. chmod the entire inc folder to 777.
5. If you have trouble showing results just open up inc/recent_movies.php and change $count = “10”; to $count = “50”;
this way you expand the array of results. no , it will still display 5 movies, but it will go wayyyyy back in time. this is useful for people who add more tv shows and music than movies. :slight_smile:
7. open up index.php in your browsers and enjoy.
PS: you may rename the index.php file to whatever name you want and then simply include it to your own webpage.
example: <?php include("your_page_name.php");?>

Voila, you can show your users what content you’ve added without giving them access to your server or plexpy installation. Feel free to style the table however you want.

Hope I helped someone.



Let me know if it helped you. :)


thanks great script, it also pointed out where im going wrong with my own script, for that a thousand thanks ^:)^


no problem. i will release a update later this day. check it out :)


g’morn. some reason it is not downloading the photos from imdb and/or displaying them correctly. I do not get any images. https://tinyurl.com/yd58vxnn