Remove playlist section from Plex web



I only use Plex for TV and Movies. I would like to disable the playlist section, but can't seem to find a way. Why would I want an empty section there all the time? I don't have a music section because I don't store music in Plex, so surely there is a simple way to hide this section if it is empty.


Currently no way to hide things in the WebApp or any client.  The playlist also works with movies and tv shows, not just music.


Yes, i to would like to be able to remove Playlist from the menu. And also customize the menu under Movies, Music, don't need Discover, Recently added, unwatched, etc, etc, ... and in Music under "All" I would like to be able to have it default to "Album" and in the App there is only "All Artists" available.


Still no way to remove "Playlist" menu option? This missing functionality was reported here a couple of years ago! Is this and similar menu management options on any list for update consideration? It's 2018, it seems like it should be on some PLEX developer's to-do list.


I'd like this hidden, too. Can't see any reason to show it when it's empty. To me it's inane clutter, to the customers I build servers for it's yet another dead-end in the interface bringing them one step closer to the "this is starting to seem too complicated for me" conclusion.

This is especially daunting for customers when I then have to warn them that even if you do decide to use playlists, none of the other users on your server can see them (or, even worse, explain this after they painstakingly crafted the playlists).

You let us hide News, you let us hide Plex Cloud, why does Playlists deserve a permanent placement on the home page that links to a message reading "Nothing to see here" in a 20-point font?