RetroPie Raspberry Pi Plex app with Kodi Backend



Could we have some one start a tear down of the RetroPie Kodi add-on to be rebuilt for a Plex only app. Is there a github project for this to contribute to? Plex works great with Kodi on the Pi, but I Cringe when I see Kodi first.


This is the Plex Media Server category :wink: Additionally, I did not fully understand what you are trying to achieve. What exactly is the problem with the Kodi Port?


I think what he is trying to say is he wants the Plex for Kodi plugin to launch before the main Kodi interface, or even have its own stand alone program. As this is no way related to this forum, please ask your question on this category, Plex for Kodi, you might get better help there than here as this seems to be primarly a Kodi question.

Also, there is RasPlex, which should still give that home theater feel.