Serenity for Android 1.9.0



Serenity for Android 1.9.0-M1 is available for testing.   There are a lot of under the hood changes happening in the 1.9.0 branch.  So plan on seeing multiple milestone releases for this one.   If you use Serenity for music playback, please check this version out, as I did end up touching portions of that code.  No new functionality here, just migrating to using Dagger for a dependency injection framework, and getting things setup so I can migrate to using the new RecyclerView and possibly some of the new Android 5.0 features for the ADT-1 and Android TV devices.


You can find the latest development version for testing at the link below.




Serenity for Android 1.9.0-M2 is available

  • Android TV background Images for Recommendation Cards is working again.
  • Increased subtitle text size for internal player
  • Default to internal player for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV device the first time the app is run.  Users can still configure it to use External players through the settings.
  • Additional code coverage and unit tests.


This version fixes the Android TV Search functionality.  It also provides some performance tweaks to the Movie Browser when switching between Grid and Detail layouts.  This is a release candidate, so really can use some tire kicking to make sure that existing functionality still work.


  • Support Android TV in App Voice Search
  • Improved performance of switching between movie browser views.
  • Last selected category is remembered until next restart of the app.
  • Numerous under the hood changes to migrate to fragments.


A few bugs creeped into the 1.9.0-M3 version, so here is a 1.9.0-M4 version.

Fixes the screen recreates that were loosing the last selected positin when returning.

Fixes several Force closes that were occuring

Fixes issue where Movie title would remain in action bar when in Detail view.