Server keeps jamming up



For the past 3 or 4 days my server has crashed at least once per day. I don't know what has changed. I did upgrade the Plex version a week or two ago but it was fine for the first week or so. I also upgraded it just last night because another update was available, but that didn't fix the problem. Last night I also upgrade my version of UnRAID (the server OS I'm using) in hopes that might be the issue, but it wasn't. When the server jams up it doesn't completely jam up. Basically what happens is that I can still browse the home screen, but whenever I try to play anything (video, song, or photo) it just never loads. It just sits there with a blank screen. Navigating back still works because it brings me back to the home screen. I've noticed that whenever this happens I usually see the spinning icon (in the Plex webview) next to my Mobile Photos library that indicates that the library is being updated. But that icon just keeps spinning and it never finishes. If I restart Plex it works fine, until it happens again. I've attached my server logs, please help! Thanks.


When I came back from work today my server was down again, here are the latest logs. Whenever I restart Plex it works fine for a while. Thanks for any help!


You running Plex as a docker or plugin or what?


As a docker. Today it didn’t jam up… so far.


This started to happen to me as well. Most of the time, I’m getting the following message.

“Uh-oh! Couldn’t retrieve the play queue for this item. Please try again.”

Other times, I can’t even connect to the server. This is happening more than once a day and on both IOS and Windows clients. I need to restart the docker in order to get things going again. I’m on Plex Media Server as an Unraid docker. Based on Plex’s announcement notes, the following beta (Plex Media Server seems to address something similar.

Crash when requesting play queue (#7997).

Please release the next public stable version to fix this annoying error.


The server has been stable for the past few days. Again, nothing has changed. But it would be nice to understand what might have been causing that problem so I know in the future, so if anyone knows how to interpret server logs just let us know.


My server has been stable as well which leads me to believe the issue is not on the customers side, either server or client, but rather with Perhaps with user credential or the connections.