set appleTV View mode



Hi everyone,

I'm aware the user can't set the view type of a channel. It seems to just be the split view list type.

I was wondering if there were more views available and that I would be able to set in my channel code.


Specifically I suppose I'm asking which views are available if a code like:
def Start(): # Initialize the plug-in

  Plugin.AddViewGroup("Details", viewMode="InfoList", mediaType="items")
  Plugin.AddViewGroup("List", viewMode="List", mediaType="items")

# Setup the default attributes for the ObjectContainer
ObjectContainer.title1 = TITLE
ObjectContainer.view_group = 'List' = R(ART)


There was a time when there were setting options in each player app to change the view type, but now the player apps just show everything in either details, list, or poster views by default and do not allow you to change the view types.

So I do not think that any of the player apps recognize or support Plugin.AddViewGroup() anymore.


Thanks for clarifying, I tried a lot of things and none of the views changed to what I wanted. Too bad, it would look a lot cleaner with what I'm doing if it was a list view.