Setting up hardware acceleration with Unraid and Plex - Nvidia Quadro P2000



I'm new to plex (moving from Kodi) and I'm also new to unraid (moved from my ubuntu server) so I am looking for a little help.
server specs:
5820k @ 4ghz
PNY Quadro P2000
16gb ddr4 2400 (4x4)
gigabyte x99 phoenix
twin LSI 9207-8i SAS
bunch of drives

Within my browser I enable hardware acceleration and still see high CPU usage on my server when I have multiple streams up. Looks like having 5-6x 1080p 8Mbp/s streams is the limit. So it would seem the GPU is not being used... Is there some extra config work I need to do within the unraid plex docker to enable gpu based acceleration?

I know there is a 2-stream limit with consumer cards for GPU acceleration but from the nvidia NVENC support matrix it shows the Quadro P2000 has no such limitation. But Im not even sure how to tell if the Unraid server is using the GPU for any of this, other than the fact that the CPU usage is still pegged.

Any help would be appreciated!


(Quote, I'm just a general tech geek, I do not have unraid systems)
According to Google, nvidia drivers may not be included for hardware level access for UnRaid.
If you're using Plex in a docker on top of Unraid, your chances are even less.
Reference Plex support on hardware acceleration -

Can I use Hardware-Accelerated Streaming inside of Docker?

At this time, we do not formally support hardware acceleration inside of a Docker container. Some users of Docker (on Linux only) have been able to accomplish this by adding platform-specific custom configurations that expose host hardware to the container

You should also reference that same article Q&A on a way to tell if/when your server is using HW acceleration through it's activity monitor.