Slow Motion Playback Feature



Is there any way to get a Slow Motion Playback Feature while using Plex? I have it with my DVR and DVD player. etc. Is this just not a feature of Plex? Plans to add in the future?


Why would you want slow motion? its available for (UK) Sky + Boxes and no doubt an U.S. equivalent satellite/or cable video recorder. What is it you want to do with slow motion? on Sky +, I used to use it for sports content, but apart from that it was pretty much useless to me. Even if the team added it, I wouldn't hardly use it myself, let alone need it, but you never know, they just might add it in near future.


I, for example, will love to be able to move frame by frame when I'm watching a movie and can't keep up with everything going on in the screen... or to catch a hidden frame the director hid intentionally (Club fight comes to mind)...

But forget about the why... the how, or the when are more interesting ;)


This is a feature that should be added